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Money Launch Club

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Come join Money Launch Club members who are getting results:

"Jamila is very knowledgeable in her field and took her time to pay each and every one within the group attention.  Jamila was patient, understanding and personable. I truly enjoyed this class and would recommend it to anyone needing assistance with their finances." - Ra Shana 

"Jamila's program helped me get my money mindset to a place where I am more confident about investing, saving and budgeting.  I'm on my way to paying off debt and becoming financially independent. Thank you for the encouragement and sharing your wealth of knowledge!" - Veronique

"Jamila is an excellent coach and teacher. She has a very clear and common-sense way of teaching the material. I was able to improve my money mindset, and better able to understand my strengths and weakness in reaching my money goals. During the course, I got better with the nuts and bolts about money. My budgeting skills vastly improved. My spouse and I are able to pay off my $20K+ credit card balance since starting the class. We are now CC debt free - for life! Additionally, we feel very confident that we will reach our saving and investing goals in the short and long term." - Lynn

"Jamila taught me how to budget, pay down debt and save for retirement. I even found time to get a side gig which helped accelerate my debt pay down. I appreciate all of the knowledge and time that Jamila shared with us in this class. The mastermind class should definitely be a curriculum in schools. It would set so many children up for success in the future." - Shanelle 

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